May 13, 2016

Kaleidoscope 2016 Supers

st peters hotel

If you’re looking for something a bit interesting and a bit different, check out the Kaleidoscope 2016 Supers at the St. Peters Performing Arts Centre this Friday and Saturday, the 13th and 14th of May. Located at St. Peters Lutheran College, this is what the show is all about:

“Supers honours the sometimes daunting experiences of Junior High students – the fluid nature of friends and relationships, bullies and bullying, growing pressures and expectations, the loss of hope and overcoming of obstacles. The show explores themes of conflict resolution, cybersafety, resilience and empowerment through the lens of the Superhero narrative and genre. By following the three key figures of the Superhero narrative – the Central Character (hero), Bystander (sidekick) and Antagonist (villain) – we learn that we have the potential to play ANY of these roles, both in our own story and in those of others and that it is our choices that dictate what role we play and our choices that make us super.”

It’ll cost you no more than $12 per person, and is a great opportunity to taste the southside culture Brisbane has to offer. The St Peters Performing Arts centre is only 20 minutes up the from us at the hotel, and just north of Archerfield. It’s an easy drive to and from the venue and a fantastic day activity for the whole family. Check it out!